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1. When should you use screw air compressor

Typically, Choose air compressors suitable for the need to use more compressed air is needed and continuously as factories, garages …

For those wishing to use less air compressor as households and business establishments with small production capacity is not large (less than 11kw), you can use the piston air compressor can meet.

2. Select the type of screw air compressor

Currently on the market there are two lines of air compressors and air compressor oil air compressor oil

Air compressor oil free used in the industry requirement does not contain oil in the compressed air output as: food, electronics, medical …

Air compressor oil flooded can be used in other industries do not require mandatory oil in the compressed air output, in order to save costs.

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3. Factors needed in selecting screw air compressor

  • Power

Choosing the right capacity for the discharge to be used will save the investment and energy costs of the compressor. If apacity is smaller than actually needed will reduce productivity.

  • Pressure

For the production system can be operated, a pressure level necessary fit enough demand. To calculate the pressure we should note the loss of pressure in the pipeline, normal pressure compressor 1-1.5 bar higher than the actual demand.

In order for the production system to operate, you need to add pressure enough to be consistent with the need. To apply pressure we also need to notice the pressure lost in the pipeline, normally the compressor pressure is 1-1.5 bar higher than the actual usage.

  • Choosing a brand

You should choose a machine that is easy to operate, has regular maintenance and maintenance services from a long-standing company in the market, to avoid errors arising during usage. Save time and costs due to sudden shutdowns.

You also need to pay attention more factors such as:

  • The life cycle cost.

Compared to the cost of electricity consumed, the difference between the old compressor and the new compressor, and the investment cost of the new compressor, you can recover the investment within 1-3 years (See also: Tools to control the power costs that the compressed air system you are using)

Moreover, investing in new air compressors will help stabilize the discharge and pressure for regular production demand at the factory, reduce repair costs, stop the machine, affect the production schedule.

  • Noise

The noise on the level has to be able to prevent the production work in the factory, usually screw compressors are designed in the form of boxes with a specially designed side of the barrel, using high-end sound-absorbing materials, anti-vibration materials, and soundproofing.

  • Inverter

Choosing an inverter compressor will help you save power efficiency, if the compressor you are using regularly operates at 50-80% of the load, the efficiency can be seen more pronounced up to 45% of the cost than the normal air compressor.

Reference: Tool helps to know the current status of the compressor

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