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Kobelco Compressors Vietnam with a rich history of manufacturing technologies from the line of air compressors Piston compressors high pressure at the beginning of 1915 in Japan. Line screw air compressor oil is produced for the first time in Japan in 1956. In addition, Kobelco compressor centrifugal type manufactured in 1966, thus becoming one of the few vendors compressors can produce all kinds of machines: Piston, screw, and centrifugal compressors.
Kobelco, a company specializing in the production of raw materials, familiar with the material properties, as well as manufacturing technology special materials. To be able to produce the products with high quality, premium features Vietnam with great performance. With the experience and the high-quality products, as well as the objective is to pursue the perfect product than helped Kobelco became the pioneer in the industry of Japan.
Today, Kobelco produce two kinds of screw air compressor with oil and not oil in Japan, the US and China to provide global

Kobelco Compressors VIETNAM is investing 100% directly from Kobe Steel Corporation (Japan) – the manufacturer of air compressors since 1915.
The company’s products are always received appreciation from users owning more impressive features, and exceptional durability:
✓ Apply extreme
✓ stable operation, no noise & easy operation
✓ Longevity large
✓ fuel savings
✓ friendly environment
✓ Parts easy to find and replace that.

Product lines:
Air compressor oil free  Kobelco ALE, FE.
Air compressor oil-flooded Kobelco AG (series regular), VS (current inverter).

Kobelco Compressors Vietnam


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Refer to document the compressor at https://www.slideshare.net/chulam7/documents


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